Who are we ?

What we do?

With the development and expansion of blockchain technology in 2009, gncpruduct Inc. started its activities in this field in 2017 and after 2 years of R & D work, officially started its activities in October 2019 with gnc coin, e commerce and anti ange. Following the recent innovations in Blockcha technology and payment systems, and points studies of this sector in turkey was founded in Adana Our company aims to carry advanced, professionalism, ongoing since its inception, creativity, showing a steady growth with honesty and market development features has been a good leader in this area. Closely following the developments in the sector and new demands in the market, the company management aims to be one of the leading companies in the sector with its strong administrative and knowledge accumulation. At the same time gncproduct co. The aim of the company is to make gnc coin valid in the enterprises that it has established itself and to create a payment system that has the quality of swap with scoring ötesinde gncproduct, which aims to dominate the market with our anti-aging products which has become a necessity with the developing world in the direct sales sector, opens the doors of the future with its innovative projects. The Gncproduct family adopts modern management techniques in all investment and direct sales projects, acts with the principles of honesty and transparency, and completes its projects as a leading company in the sector with quality-certified products and services. regards Gncproduct family….

Why GNC?

As with other blockchain infrastructures, we do mining with 100% Cloud system, not asic and graphics cards. Thus, we avoid unnecessary energy expenditure.

Instant Operation

Any action you take takes place within seconds.


It's easy to manage your wallet with a completely user-oriented and simple interface.


Enjoy ultimate security in your wallet with easy operation

Distributed System

Each transaction is approved by other users on the network and does not require any center.

Transaction Tracking

You can follow up transactions approved by those on the network. Fully Transparent.

Online shopping

With GNC Shopping, you can order any product from A to Z. Shopping is now easy.

Project Development

Our Expert Staff

Since 2017, our team of experts in our time and assisted in the development of projects.


GNC Founder


GNC Co-Founder

Mehmet TOK

GNC Co-Founder


GNC Co-Founder


Office Assistant

Mert Can ÖZCAN

Digital Marketing Manager


Software Development Specialist