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What is GNC Shopping?

What can you do?

GNC Product is always with you.

We are proud to launch, which brings the producers and consumers together on the same platform and to make our sales with GNC Coin. Shopping with our E-commerce site, which is open to shopping from all over the world, is just a download and a GNC Coin. Good Shopping

What is Genxir?

What can you do?

Everybody has the right to look good because the world gets old, we don't want to get old.

Enjoy all ages with our Genxir products, which are rich in antioxidants from Black Caviar.     Anti-Aging products, we are experiencing the first pride of experiencing a first. Experience the beauty that life brings to us with our products that we will offer with GNC Coin. Download the wallet, get the GNC Coin.

Why GNC?

As with other blockchain infrastructures, we do mining with 100% Cloud system, not asic and graphics cards. Thus, we avoid unnecessary energy expenditure.

Instant Operation

Any action you take takes place within seconds.


It's easy to manage your wallet with a completely user-oriented and simple interface.


Enjoy ultimate security in your wallet with easy operation

Distributed System

Each transaction is approved by other users on the network and does not require any center.

Transaction Tracking

You can follow up transactions approved by those on the network. Fully Transparent.

Online shopping

With GNC Shopping, you can order any product from A to Z. Shopping is now easy.

Happy Customers with GNC

The work done

Since 2017, transactions have been made with more than 250,000 GNC Users.

Happy User
GNC in Three Steps

How does it work ?

All installed systems (we call them nodes) communicate with each other by connecting to port 9000. We provide this communication using libraries such as python3, twisted matrix and autobahn-python. When a node changes something, everyone in the network becomes aware and writes new data into databases when it is compatible with cryptographic summaries in the block chains. Otherwise, the operation will not be approved.


Creating a Wallet

All you need to do to be included in the system is create a web wallet.



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Export GNCs

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Project Development

Our Expert Staff

Since 2017, our team of experts in our time and assisted in the development of projects.


GNC Founder


GNC Co-Founder

Mehmet TOK

GNC Co-Founder


GNC Co-Founder


Office Assistant

Mert Can ÖZCAN

Digital Marketing Manager


Software Development Specialist

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